A Letter From Dr. Richard Burns

In December of 2023, after over 37 years in healthcare, I decided to retire from clinical practice. As many of you already know, that transition began over 7 years ago when Dr. Andrew Sweet took over Peninsula Dental. Andrew was kind enough to let me continue to come in on a part time basis, and it has been very gratifying to see so many of my long time patients and get a chance to visit with them once a week!

I would like to thank all my patients over the years for allowing me to be their healthcare provider and dentist. It was a responsibility that I took very seriously, and I am happy to see that Dr. Sweet does so as well. Without all of you there is no dental practice. You have provided me with a rewarding career, in addition to a lifetime of memories. All your individual journeys through the practice were unique – as were all of you. And I valued your cards, notes, and feedback that demonstrated your appreciation of our efforts.

To all the team members at Peninsula Dental over the years: a huge thank you as well. Quality care cannot be provided in isolation, and everyone contributed to our patients’ experience. As you all know, I was very fortunate to have some wonderful folks to work with over the years, and they have provided many fond memories and added a great deal to the great culture we built.

Dr. Richard Burns

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