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We Can Help You Keep Your Teeth For A Lifetime

Our goal is to provide the best quality dental care available anywhere, and to deliver that care in an environment of exceptional service. We keep our office small, with dedicated and highly-trained staff, and state of the art equipment and materials.

We move patients from patchwork dentistry to optimal dental health along a path that is planned out according to clinical need and the patient’s dental wishes.

We believe the best dentistry is no dentistry, and educate and encourage patients to follow a healthy maintenance program of cleanings and check ups. This helps prevent gum disease and dental decay, and enables the early detection of bigger issues. Early detection means fewer emergency visits, less invasive procedures, and less time and money spent in the dental office.

We help patients obtain beautiful long-lasting smiles by ensuring underlying health and dental function are optimized.

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    1931 Mount Newton X Road, Ste. #205
    Saanichton, BC V8M 2A9
    Tel: 250-544-1566
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