Root Canals

stock15Save Your Infected Teeth With Root Canal Therapy from Peninsula Dental

Your “root canals” are tiny passages in your tooth roots. Nerves travel up these passages to the inner part of your tooth that is filled with living connective tissue. This inner part of your tooth is called a pulp chamber, and the nerves in your teeth that travel through the the root canals to the pulp chamber are the same nerves that allow your teeth to experience hot and cold. When an infection reaches your pulp chamber, it can affect these nerves and cause a serious, chronic toothache. A root canal, or root canal therapy, is a procedure that removes infection, alleviates the toothache, and preserves the tooth.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Patients who require a root canal often experience a serious, chronic toothache that can impede their day-to-day activities and cause serious discomfort. Root canal therapy relieves tooth infection symptoms and allows patients to feel comfortable again.
  • Without root canal therapy, when the infection reached a pulp chamber in a tooth, the tooth had to be extracted. With a root canal, we can save more teeth and help patients enjoy smiles that last longer and feel healthier.
  • Infections can spread if they are left untreated. By treating your infected tooth with a root canal, we can protect your other teeth from becoming infected too.
  • If an infection isn’t treated, the infection can also spread to the bloodstream and cause serious health problems. Root canal treatment allows us to protect and improve the health of our patients.
  • Often root canal treated teeth will require a dental crown to restore function and appearance.

To find out more about root canal therapy, call us at our office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.

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