Functional Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve the Beauty and Health of Your Smile With Functional Cosmetic Dentistry from Peninsula Dental

Our functional cosmetic dentistry treatments can give you an excuse to smile more often. At Peninsula Dental, we believe that your smile’s wellness and beauty are intrinsically connected. We give each smile a great foundation by providing meaningful restorative and preventative care that will improve the smile’s beauty by improving the smile’s health. On top of that foundation, we also offer cosmetically enhancing treatments such as teeth whitening and dental veneers. With our cosmetic dentistry treatments, we strive to deliver smiles that are as functional as they are beautiful. No matter what your cosmetic dentistry needs are, the Peninsula Dental Team is here to help.

Some of our cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Cosmetic Bonding | Our cosmetic bonding treatment utilizes a special resin composite that can be moulded directly against your tooth, and then cured with a special light. Cosmetic bonding allows us to fix minor cosmetic issues and improve the appearance of your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening | Even if you take perfect care of your teeth, they can lose their brightness over time. At Peninsula Dental, we offer both at home whitening kits and in office whitening. Our whitening treatments are completely safe and effective. You’ll see a difference between our professional care and over-the-counter whitening treatments.
  • Dental Veneers | Patients love dental veneers because they are versatile, comfortable, and can help a patient achieve all of their smile goals. With dental veneers we can repair the appearance of damage, and fix gaps. We can also whiten teeth without whitening and make teeth appear straighter without any orthodontics.

To schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment, call us at our office today. We look forward to meeting you and providing for all of your functional cosmetic dentistry needs.

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