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SedationRelax Through Any Procedure With Sedation Dentistry From Peninsula Dental

Do you feel anxious or stressed when you think about visiting the dentist? If you do, you’re not alone. Many patients suffer from some form of dental anxiety, and this dental anxiety can keep them from getting the treatment and dentistry care that they need. At Peninsula Dental, we do everything in our power to make each of our patients feel at home in our office. We offer a warm, and friendly team of professionals who genuinely care for each patient and want them to experience the best dental health and overall wellness. For patients who feel dental anxiety or who are experiencing stress about a certain procedure, we are proud to offer sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a pre-appointment treatment that allows patients to relax throughout an entire dentistry procedure. Sedation dentistry doesn’t put patients to sleep. Patients who participate in sedation dentistry will still be able to talk and answer questions. Instead, sedation patients achieve such a deep state of relaxation that they feel completely at ease throughout their procedure, even if they were experiencing stress or anxiety before the treatment began. Sedation dentistry is completely safe and effective.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a sedation dentistry treatment that is administered using a small pill or tablet that can be taken prior to the patient’s appointment. If you participate in oral conscious sedation, you will need to arrange transportation to and from our office with a loved one. Patients love oral conscious sedation because it is easy to administer and very effective.

To find out more about sedation dentistry, call us at our office.

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