Here’s an interesting overview of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for TMJ. Information on how to know if you have it, to how to relieve symptoms, and more.… Read more

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Implant Retained Dentures

Complete denture wearers are living in a golden age. For the first time the standard of care is no longer a simple denture, but rather one that is retained by dental implants.

A titanium bar is fabricated with CAD/CAM technology and screwed onto the implants. The bar has small attachments which snap on to the denture. Generally speaking, the greater the number of implants the more secure the denture.

This popular alternative is VERY secure in the mouth allowing the wearer to eat virtually anything they want and enjoy food’s taste and texture.… Read more

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New Equipment for Root Canals

A new addition to our office ultrasonically agitates the solution placed in the root system and cleans much better than ever before. It disinfects the canal system and increases our success rates for endodontic treatments (root canals) – better results and happy patients!… Read more

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