Today’s Occlusion Lecture

The Upper Island District Dental Society’s annual two-day event draws hundreds of dentists, specialists, hygienists and others in the field of dentistry to gather in Comox and share knowledge, insights, and experience.

I’m first on the program today with my talk on Occlusion: The Foundation of Restorative Dentistry. Other lecturers include Dr. Charles Schuler, Dean UBC Faculty of Dentistry; Dr. Matthew Illes, Vancouver HBSc, DDS, FISOI, FAGD and many more: Program

To the good people who work tirelessly with the UIDDS to put it all together – thank you!… Read more

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Implant Retained Dentures

Complete denture wearers are living in a golden age. For the first time the standard of care is no longer a simple denture, but rather one that is retained by dental implants.

A titanium bar is fabricated with CAD/CAM technology and screwed onto the implants. The bar has small attachments which snap on to the denture. Generally speaking, the greater the number of implants the more secure the denture.

This popular alternative is VERY secure in the mouth allowing the wearer to eat virtually anything they want and enjoy food’s taste and texture.… Read more

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Lecturing for the Upper Island District Dental Society

Happy to announce that I’ll be giving a talk on “Occlusion: The Foundation of Restorative Dentistry” at the Annual Spring Meeting of the Upper Island District Dental Society in Courtenay, BC on Friday, April 5, 2013. This is a two day meeting with guest lecturers covering a variety of dental topics. Registration and more information at the UIDDS website.… Read more

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Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns Lecture on Occlusion in Victoria

Dentists graduate from dental schools with a basic level of training in the “bite” or occlusion, yet its impact on their clinical success when treating patients is huge. Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns has spent years attending post-grad courses and advanced learning institutions that have built their programs upon the cornerstone of occlusion. He summarized and presented some of this knowledge in a 3-hour lecture to over 30 local dentists, dental specialists and other health care providers.

“Dr. Sweet and Dr.Read more

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Dr. Richard Burns and Dr. John Kois


Dr. Richard Burns (right) received his graduation certificate in 2009 from Dr. John Kois (left) after two years of study and successful completion of Dr. Kois’s 9-course curriculum (Treatment Planning, Occlusion, BioMechanics, Fixed Implants, Removable Implants and Restorative Perio Interface). A year later after a written examination and case study presentation before a juried panel, Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns was awarded a mentorship with the Kois Center. He continues to return regularly to lead and teach other dentists at the Kois Center and for the annual Symposium.… Read more

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