Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns Lecture on Occlusion in Victoria

Dentists graduate from dental schools with a basic level of training in the “bite” or occlusion, yet its impact on their clinical success when treating patients is huge. Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns has spent years attending post-grad courses and advanced learning institutions that have built their programs upon the cornerstone of occlusion. He summarized and presented some of this knowledge in a 3-hour lecture to over 30 local dentists, dental specialists and other health care providers.

“Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns is a natural who can get his points across easily…his presentation is very informative, a very impressive teacher”
Dr. Robert Tang
Clinical Instructor
Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Kois Center

“Dr. Sweet and Dr. Burns has extensive and practical knowledge in occlusion, and is not stuck on a particular dogma”
Dr. Chris Hildebrand
DMD MSc Dip Perio FRCD

“This is the lecture we should have had in dental school”
Dr. Gordon Jones

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