1. Use only enough gel to cover the outside surface of the teeth you wish to bleach.
  2. Ensure you wipe away the excess with your finger or a dry toothbrush after you seat the bleaching tray.
  3. You may wish to bleach one arch at a time – this means less “bulk” in your mouth and you can see the difference between the arches as the arch bleaches.
  4. The most common side-effects of tooth bleaching are temperature sensitivity and gum irritation. If you wipe away the excess, there will be low risk of gum irritation. If you get temperature sensitivity, stop bleaching 1-2 days and try bleaching for a shorter period or on alternate days – this means the process may take longer overall.
  5. Schedule an appointment 7-10 days after you begin bleaching so we can check for gingival irritation and/or address any other concerns.
  6. During bleaching, and for a few weeks after, your teeth will be more prone to staining. Avoid: red wine, blueberries, coffee, tea and any other heavily pigmented food or beverage. Stain incorporated at this stage may be difficult or impossible to remove, citrus fruits may cause an increase in sensitivity, as well.
  7. Most teeth will reach their maximum whiteness within 14 days – further bleaching will provide very little improvement and potentially weaken the enamel. Do not bleach continually for several weeks or longer.
  8. The whitening will “rebound” slightly for about two weeks after you have stopped bleaching and then gradually return to your natural colour over the subsequent 12 – 18 months. You may “touch–up” the teeth by bleaching for a few nights every 6-12 months if desired. Kits (syringes of additional gel) are available for this.
  9. Your bleaching kit also contains the manufacturer’s instructions – please refer to them if you have any further questions, or call us at 250-544-1566.

Ref: Dr. Richard Burns, DDS

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